Flamenco and Art on the Costa del Sol

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ARTICLE #7 – 28 JULY, 2017



The times have long gone when Costa del Sol’s main attributes were sun-drenched beaches and continuously warm weather. There is so much more to the coast than the obviously very attractive climate. It is usually the history, the tumultuous experiences that are best expressed in the form of art years later.  The complex history of Andalusia gave birth to the unique and rich culture that can be found here. The history is so uniquely expressed in the music and dance rhythms of the flamenco dance as well as the stunning but also quite unique architectural heritage of its religious buildings and royal palaces.

Declared by the UNESCO as the cultural heritage of Spain, flamenco expresses the way life is lived in Malaga by its people. It represents the constant passion, the energy, but also certain lightness – the pure enthusiasm for life and its simplicity. Costa del Sol is a place where people spend most of their time outdoors, either in bars and cafes, or walking through the beautiful parks and countryside. The climate and nature offers a lifestyle that can hardly be found anywhere else in Europe.

There are many festivals throughout the year which bring together local and national artists. This is when the typical atmosphere of the flamenco spirit can be felt the most. It is also not unusual to see bands giving free concerts in the streets and it is moments like this that can make you instantly feel that you are part of the local scene. Living on the Costa del Sol can be pure joy.

Before deciding on the perfect location for our Marbella Club Hills homes, our team of experts thoroughly researched many areas in Spain until we found what we were looking for… A superb location with stunning views and within easy reach of all main amenities…

Contact us at our offices in Marbella and we will be delighted to show you around.

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If you are an art and design aficionado and would like to see some of the most impressive contemporary art pieces, come to Marbella in the summer and enjoy the superb atmosphere, the stunning art collections and meet their creators.

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