Building the future with Grupo SanJose, the Spanish construction leaders

Building the future with Grupo SanJose, the Spanish construction leaders

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ARTICLE #34 – 8 APRIL, 2018

Building the future with Grupo SanJose, the Spanish construction leaders.

Grupo SanJose, the Spanish construction leaders

When we searched for a construction company in Spain that would build the Marbella Club Hills homes, we wanted both quality and value; Spanish constructors with a proven track record and for whom innovation is at the core of their values.

We looked for experts who are respectful towards the environment and who are efficient in the use of resources.

The Grupo SanJose is a Spanish construction company, founded in 1962. Over the years, it expanded significantly, gradually building its name and portfolio. Soon, through its “streamlined construction”, it became a national reference, the construction leader in Spain; it built the highest quality schools, colleges and faculties in Spain, in a record time.

And then it expanded further, now internationally (currently operating in 35 countries), constructing the most spectacular pieces of architecture one has ever seen.

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The Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum Construction

Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum Construction

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum (“See humanity in a new light”) is a world-class architectural icon, a modern floating city that unites local tradition with avant-garde architecture.

Built by the Spanish construction company, Grupo San Jose in collaboration with Oger Abu Dhabi. It is a magnificent 21st-century construction with dimensions never seen before: 180 meters in diameter, 36 meters in height and approximately 7,500 tons of steel (practically the same as the Eiffel Tower!!!). It certainly has been one of the most spectacular and challenging pieces of architecture recently constructed.

Supported only by 4 points that have been carefully hidden inside the museum buildings, it creates the illusion that the entire dome is suspended in the air.

Not only is Grupo San Jose showing that they can create a real work of art, but they are once again proving the company’s strong commitment to sustainable construction, and of course, incredible innovation.

It is an incredible, over €1 billion worth architectural feat designed by one of the most significant architects of the last half-century. Jean Nouvel was awarded the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honour.

Source: El Pais giuseppe cacace (@cacaciotti) | Twitter

Grupo SanJose and the Green Building Construction Award

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum obtained the Green Building Award for environmental excellence at the Green Middle East Awards.

Through the environmental management systems that have been developing for almost two decades, the constructors Grupo SanJose continuously review and adapt to the needs and expectations of society and its customers.

Over the last few years, the Grupo SanJose have obtained recognition of their commitment to the environment through the ISO 14001 certification, as well as energy efficiency through the ISO 50001 standard.

As a result, Marbella Club Hills’ construction is based on basic principles that are articulated with each activity and therefore completely adapting to the diversified needs of the development.

Grupo SanJose Construction and the Green Building Award

Grupo SanJose, the second place worldwide

Another example of sustainable construction carried out by the Group is the University Lanzadera building of Applied Research Centers (Lucia).

It houses laboratories and research centres and is located in the Miguel Delibes Campus of the University of Valladolid. This property of 7,500 square meters emits zero CO2 emissions and uses exclusively renewable energies. As a result, it was turned into a world reference in energy efficiency and sustainable architecture.

This building has achieved the highest score of the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum certification of a new building throughout Europe and the second worldwide. This certification system, managed by the United States Green Building, evaluates the energetic behaviour of a building according to criteria of design, location and efficiency in the use and consumption of resources.

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