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ARTICLE #47 – 29 JULY, 2018




“Precisely for that reason: because flamenco transmits emotions (…) they go directly to your heart no matter where you are from”, says Sara Baras about what flamenco means to her.

On the 11th of August, we will have the pleasure of seeing one of the most well-known Spanish artists internationally in the world of flamenco. Sara Baras is arriving in Marbella to participate in this year’s music and art festival, “Starlite”.

One thing can be guaranteed is that anyone who comes to see her will leave both overwhelmed and deeply impressed by the immensity of her flamenco spectacle. She always manages to personify the entire spectrum of emotions from grief, pain and suffering to joy, passion and strength.

There is never a moment in her show in which the audience is not affected by the choreography of her dance or music. She reinvents herself each time and surprises us time and time again in a way that the emotion projected from her dancing body becomes so real that you may find yourself succumbing to your own feelings.

Sara Baras formed her own company: Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras in 1998 and since then she has performed all around the world in places such as London, Paris, Tokyo.

“Above all, it has been about hard work, preparation, honesty, and respect for the public. When the curtain goes up, I am always 100% prepared and I always give absolutely everything I have in my shows. Every single one of them.” Sara said in one of her interviews.

The Starlite Festival is a music and art event, which takes place every year between July and August.

It is set in the most unique and spectacular site of Marbella – in an amphitheatre-like venue surrounded by nature and local mountains. Its secret location creates an intimate atmosphere and incredible acoustic effects, which makes the festival an event well known across the whole country.

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