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The equestrians are said to have one thing in common: they love every single minute of the lifestyle. They balance modern day living with the pure pleasure of nature.

When choosing the location for Marbella Club Hills homes, we looked for extensive trail systems, comfortable riding weather, and a vibrant horse culture.

And of course, the closer to competition venues, the better.


The lifestyle in Benahavís is very much in line with the wealth of the area. It is the richest municipality in the whole of Andalusia with the third highest number of golf courses (ten in total) in the whole of Spain.

What comes with the wealth and abundance of greenery is a certain kind of lifestyle.

The lifestyle which is one of luxury but it’s not about having the luxury apparel.

There are certain hobbies that become more than a general pastime. There are activities that take

hold of the imagination and become a lifelong passion.

Equestrian lifestyle is unlike any other way of life. It starts with a great love for horses, life and nature. It is a hobby that is extremely beneficial to our wellbeing. It allows relaxation, keeping fit, staying close to nature and socialising.

Horse lovers are some of the most passionate people in the world. They are also very disciplined and hard working.


The Marbella Club Equestrian Centre

Marbella Club Equestrian Centre, the host of Spanish Show Jumping, is open for all home owners of Marbella Club Hills to experience the excitement of horse riding, whatever their capability or level.

It is located in our peaceful and green region of Benahavís.  The centre is surrounded by pine forests and mountains, with sprawling views of the brilliant Marbella Club golf course, Mediterranean Sea and the Atlas mountains.

The luxury equine facility is home of beautifully bred and well trained Arabian, Spanish, German and French horses, two modern geo-textile riding arenas that cover over 7000 square metres, reception and changing area and expensive trails.


Equestrian activities for children

The Equestrian Centre offers an exciting array of activities including treks through the beautiful countryside, dressage lessons, show jumping and training for high-level competition.

The younger ones can take advantage of the Roding sessions and ride ponies which are selected to fit the child’s size and level. They will receive one-to-one instruction and learn the basics of mounting and riding.  Depending on their ability and preferred activity, children can experience trail riding or master the basics of jumping in one of their professional rings.


Benefits of equestrian lifestyle

Equestrians have one thing in common: they love every single minute of the lifestyle. They balance modern day living with the pure pleasures of nature.

Their love of horses gives them the physical, mental and emotional health.

Sir Winston Churchill once said — “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”.

Horse riding provides the combination of a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge. It improves the hand-eye coordination helping to improve reflexes, tone the body and in particular, tone the core muscles.

However, putting aside the physical fitness, it also stimulates many positive psychological feelings such as emotional connection, compassion and happiness.

Horse riders are strongly motivated to take part in riding by the sense of wellbeing they gain from interacting with horses.

Only very few sports can offer such a positive psychological impact when interacting with an animal.

Some of you might have been riding horses all your lives, some others may only wish to be able to do it one day. With a VIP access to Marbella Club Equestrian Centre and a free golf membership at the local and renowned Marbella Club Golf in Benahavis, you could be discovering or nourishing your chosen hobby right at your doorstep.

The kilometres of bridle trails, the natural lakes and mountains, and the beautiful green space

resonate with us here at Marbella Club Hills. What a great place to create a home in today’s world.

Have a look at the local Marbella Club Equestrian Centre. 


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