How to decorate a Marbella Club HIlls’ terrace, for it to be functional and have space to relax

Terrace decoration in Mediterranen

The dream of resting in the sun in front of the house is one of the reasons why many of us decide to move to the south of Spain. How to arrange it, so it serves us well and makes a beautiful showcase of the house?


Outdoor Ratan furniture


Functionality above all

Regardless of whether we have a large or small terrace, sometimes we may be tempted to over-decorate it. However, the terrace should have a perfect balance between decorative and functional elements. Ideally, this is a place where we welcome guests, we organize dinners and barbecues. It’s also an area where children can play. It is a place of active and passive recreation, so let it be safe and comfortable.

Marbella Club HIlls´s terraces range between 36 sq. m up to 170 sq. m for some penthouses. 

If your terrace is not at a ground level, we build glass balustrades, which are more and more popular in the modern style designs. They don’t only open the terrace to green surroundings, but also give us the feeling of more space. 

Terrace in the evening in Mediterranen


An inseparable part of the terrace, especially in summer, are chairs, tables and other rest furniture, thanks to which we can enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather. 

Terrace decoration in Mediterranen


Rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular. When we decorate them with imagination, the terrace will not only feel like an extension of the guest room but it will create an additional room altogether. 


Connected to the living room?

On this question, the answer more often is “yes” than ¨no¨. If we want to follow current interior design trends, our whole house should have a consistent design and the terrace should not be an exception to this rule. 

In a modern or minimalistic style, such a connection is standard. The classic and rustic styles that like diversity are a little more forgiving in this respect.

Proponents of a consistent terrace and the rest of the house should pay attention to several important matters. Let us ensure that the transition between these parts of our household is smooth, the threshold should not be placed high. The impression of coherence will be deepened by the common colour of the living room and terrace floors as well as the material from which these floors are made. 


Terrace decoration in Mediterranen


In Marbella Club Hills´ case, it’s marble and wood.

The smooth transition from the living room to the terrace will also provide sliding doors.

Windows that cover nearly entire walls are also becoming more and more popular. You can choose the colour of the window frames according to the interior design chosen by you. The same principle applies to the interior door to the living room, which borders on the terrace. They should match the style of the interior and the terrace.


The power of contrasts

The terrace is the extension of your living room but it doesn’t have to be its perfect reflection. What do we mean? Those two areas do not need to be in any way similar. The effect of their cohesion can be obtained even by the colour contrast present in these two spaces, eg in terms of the dominant colours – black and white. It is important that there are visible common points, for example, the style of furniture design.

People who like to let their imagination run wild can really shine here. 

Terrace in the evening in Mediterranen

In addition to our marble tiles, we can decorate wrought iron or wood balustrades with flower pots. We can do it all year round, not only during spring or summer! If our garden has a swimming pool, we can provide a small platform with a terrace. 

The beauty of the terraces is that the appearance of it and design is limited only by our imagination.

We have our favourite interior designers in Marbella who would be happy to design the interior of your home.

You can have the first feel of it closer the end of 2018, when the first show flat will be available for views.

We can’t wait to show you around! 

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