Marbella hosting Audi’s launch of new eco-friendly range of automobiles

Audi launch in Marbella Club Hills

In Marbella, between 23 January and 14 February, Audi will be launching its new eco-friendly range of automobiles. 

Over twenty trucks carrying in total 40 tonnes of German electric vehicles will be arriving for the event. We are expecting around 6,000 CEO’s arriving in town. 


Audi intends to sell around 800,000 a year of fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

The plan of the German giant predicts that by the mid of the next decade, one in three Audi customers will be able to choose the so-called E-model. These will be electrified versions of cars from each model series – most of them in the fully electric variant, and to a lesser extent as plug-in hybrids. And to make it work by 2025, the company will invest around 40 billion – money will go to projects related to new models for electricity, autonomous driving and digitisation (this also applies to the digitisation of production).


In September last year, while Europe was sleeping soundly, San Francisco was hosting the premiere of the most important Audi model of recent years.

 Two weeks after the premiere of the Mercedes EQC and two days after the conceptual presentation of BMW Vision iNEXT, Audi finally showed the e-tron ready for production.

Audi - Marbella eco-friendly launch



Audi – market debut 10 years after the first presentation

The construction of the first electric model took Audi a decade. Germany showed its first conceptual vehicle confirming the work on the electrics in 2009, in Frankfurt. 

At that time, it was a sports car built in the likeness of the Audi R8. But for the market, the first fully electric e-tron (because in the meantime Audi added this element in the names of hybrid models) will enter showrooms as SUV.

Audi – instant charging

Audi claims that the e-tron is the first mass-produced vehicle that can be recharged in a fast-charging station with a capacity of up to 150 kW. 

The manufacturer assures that “the car is ready to cover the next section of a long journey in about half an hour”. However, they do not specify what that means. Apparently, thanks to the Charging Service e-tron, Audi customers will be able to use 80% public charging stations in Europe without the need to sign contracts with their operators – Audi will provide a special card with the car. Of course, it will also be possible to charge with alternating current of 11 and 22 kW, and use a 230 V or 400 V three-phase outlet.

Audi announces that by 2025, every third model in the range will be powered by electricity. After the presented SUV, a sedan will join next, compact SUV and coupe – e-tron GT in two years.

Although we do not need to be great motoring experts to recognise one of the largest car brands in the world’s logo in one moment: four interlacing rings.

However, not everyone knows that they symbolise four cars producing companies producing – Horch, Audi, Wanderer and DKW – which merged in 1932 creating the foundations for today’s corporation. 

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