Interior design and your personality

Arrangement of your home-

What our interiors say about us and our personalities

Some of us may not realise this but the interior of our homes can tell quite a lot about us. And we are not talking just about the issue of how organised or untidy your home can be. It’s about the style, choice of colours and accessories – all in accordance with the concept of “show me your home, and I will tell you who you are.”

Check what your interior says about you and find out which style suits you the best. 


What does our apartment say about us?

It is true that, to a larger extent, the decor of our home depends on how much money we can spend on it. However, despite financial restrictions, what add-ons and colours dominate our interiors is not at all coincidental. So, how can you recognise someone’s personality just by looking at their interior design? 

Minimalistic interior design – Introverts, Perfectionists, Organized & Efficient

The minimalist style is attributed to people who are introverted, and who love perfectionism. Such interiors are usually chosen by well-organised individuals who are not so much of glamour people. Their interiors are very rational and faithful to their aesthetics.



Scandinavian interior design – Social, Friendly, Stylish & Interested in Culture and Elegance

Less is more is the key to this interior design style. According to experts, this style is chosen by people who are ¨open¨ and who are actively participating in social and cultural life.

In such interiors, the main focus is on convenience and comfort because the owners especially value their get-togethers with loved ones, which are their favourite form of spending free time. Key colour schemes include whitewash and timber tones. Copious amounts of candles and textures throughout the room give off an inviting, warm sensation.

That is why Scandinavian interiors are cosy and carry a good atmosphere so that every invited guest could feel a friendly, almost a family-like atmosphere.



Pop-art interior design –  Curious and Strong

Many features of the owner’s character are also revealed in a home furnished in the style of boho or pop-art. Such decor is preferred by people with a strong personality. They are often curious people with a somewhat complex personality who surround themselves with people of a similar temperament. Despite the splendour and variety of colours, the interiors are not only unconventional but also stylish and intriguing.


Old style interior design – Creative and Artistic

Who finds a home arranged in the antique style appealing? People with a positive and friendly attitude towards life and people. The selection of old furniture also testifies to creativity and unique imagination so it can be boldly stated that this style is primarily chosen by artistic souls. The passion for old furniture and accessories also shows a certain attachment to objects. So if you love furniture with a history you probably love nature and the world, you are charismatic and open to others.


Classic style interior design – Elegant and Stylish

Dating back to 17th century Europe, the classic design embraces history and heritage. Colour schemes utilise calm, neutral tones like olive, beige cream and gold. Classic arrangements are extremely universal and timeless, thanks to which we can be sure that despite the passage of time, this style will certainly not lose its relevance. People who arrange their apartment in this style are poised, elegant and stylish.





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