Gunni & Trentino – kitchen design for Marbella Club Hills

Kitchen interior design Gunni Trentino

What connects the best designers? We are told – creativity and the desire to create a well-thought-out product that will improve the comfort of life. 

Their priority before designing is to know the needs, visions, dreams and nature of the recipients. 

Our main objective in the design of our kitchen was to achieve a space that transmits light, modernity and elegance. 

We needed something minimalistic and delicate that could match the harmony and tranquillity of nature around. At the same time, we wanted the interior to be stylish, fashionable and functional. 

The SLIM concept by Gunni & Trentino presents exactly what we needed: the concept of turning the kitchen space into a gastronomic experience. 

GUNNI & TRENTINO are a diversified interior design company. They cater to hotels, villas and apartments, restaurants, spas, automobile dealers, offices, town halls, airports, metros and so on. 

They specialise in quality interior decoration and their stores can be found in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Bilbao, Bogotá and the Middle East. 


Gunni & Trentino interior kitchen design

Gunni & Trentino – “A kitchen with imagination and practicality” 

GUNNI & TRENTINO proposes a kitchen with simple lines, smooth doors and cabinets.  Through the SLIM concept, they are bringing together elegance and functionality as those aspects mark their decorative kitchen line and the contemporary design.

They designed the space in such a way that it doesn’t lose the sight of colour, aesthetic beauty or the balanced composition.

Gunni & Trentino interior kitchen design

Gunni & Trentino – kitchen technical characteristics

Model | Double-sided laminated doors with 4 edges in PVC. Thickness 19 mm thick. with GOLA handles system using horizontal profiles for low aluminium furniture, making the handle disappear as an element external to the door.

Frame | Furniture with the interior block and panels in white melamine board thickness 16 mm. Shelves attached to the sides by means of supports with the metal bolt to prevent overturning and sliding.

Hinges | Grass Tiomos, with ergonomic clip, integrated damping, regulation in three levels. Opening solution to different degrees.

Cabinet Legs and Sockets | Legs fixed to the base of the cabinet with three screws – resistance of up to 400 Kgs. Aluminium baseboards that come with a protective rubber that isolate it from the dirt and humidity.

Gunni & Trentino kitchen interior design

Storage | The drawers of the SLIM kitchen are equipped with Grass Nova Pro Scala, covered by lacquered metal sides with a non-corrosive paint finish. The metallic liquid gel will be used to cushion the closing of drawers and possible noises, giving it 100% stability. The system of hooking the front to the drawer by a clip, which allows you to dismantle it without any type of tool. Load capacity of 40 kg.

Of course, we are aware that different client may have different expectations and therefore the style and materials can be upgraded directly at GUNNI & TRANTINO Marbella. 

They will ask about your expectations, what you wish to have in the kitchen and what material the furniture should be made of. The materials play the most significant role here. The most frequently chosen ones are the ones where doors are laminated (covered with PVC foil or varnished), veneer or wood. Some people choose glass as well. 

Any liking you have, GUNNI & TRENTINO will present you the best possible options. The upgraded version will be priced depending on the choice of furniture material as well as appliances. 


Gunni & Trentino – kitchen appliances

The modern style of the SLIM kitchen goes together with the chosen built-in appliances This allows the effect of consistent appearance, simplicity, elegance and harmony of shapes and colours. These are the real advantages of such a design. What is more,  appliances integrated into the furniture are of course easier to clean and are safer for children. The appliances are the heart of the kitchen, as they facilitate the everyday life of the household.


Gunni & Trentino interior kitchen design


Gunni & Trentino – Bosch

We chose Bosch for the kitchen appliances as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also offer many technologically advanced features and benefits. Bosch not only provides homeowners with their wonderful ovens, cookers, fridges and other large appliances but they also provide a line of small appliances – coffee machines, microwaves and every other small appliance imaginable. 

Outfitting your home with Bosch appliances means you will experience the benefits of the brand every time you use an appliance on your home. 

Your kitchen is one of the biggest investments in your home. Not only will you have your kitchen for years to come but the way it looks will also affect your mood and satisfaction if it’s not done the way you imagine it to be. 

Together with GUNNI & TRENTINO, we offer upgraded versions of the kitchen look and its appliances. Ask us upfront if you wish some changes and improvements to be made. 

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