Benefits of Green Walls or Vertical Gardens

Vertical garden with views on the sea

What are vertical gardens and what are its benefits?

Apparently, the first green constructions, which were not fully created by nature but with the help of man were the hanging gardens of Babylon, created about 2,500 years ago. They were considered a miracle of the ancient world.

Over the centuries, people had different ideas for creating vertical gardens. They used grapevines, climbing roses, formed various species of shrubs and trees to create green elevations, high rows and corridors.


Hanging gardens of Babylon, vertical gardens


Vertical gardens and Patrick Blanc

We owe the contemporary green walls to the French scientist, inventor, botanist and green designer – Patrick Blanc. 

Fascinated by tropical plants, he noticed that some of their species grow under extreme conditions, such as a small amount of soil and in a vertical position. 

It happened in the 1980s of the 20th century. 

Patrick Blanc was the first, on a large scale, to popularise the idea of a green wall. He created many spectacular projects, in places such as Paris, Berlin, Milan and London. They all constituted an additional tourist attraction for these cities.


jardin vertical, vertical garden by Patrick Blanc


Green walls – vertical gardens – what are they good for?

The green walls, also called vertical gardens, are actually extensive plant compositions on the wall. Such vertical compositions of plants can be created inside and outside buildings.


Green wall for the building:

– allows savings in the daily maintenance of the building, eg by using rainwater for watering plants,

– green walls on the outside improve the thermal parameters of the building; they reduce the demand for electricity to heat the building in the cold season and help in cooling during the summer,

– additionally protects the façade and perfectly insulates the facade of the building

they are compatible with the biophilic design trend


Green wall for people:

– plants improve well-being, increase concentration and work efficiency,

– many scientific studies also point to the psychic aspect – plants inspire and make people who are among the plants happier


Vertical gardens marbella club hills gated community


Vegetation plays a very important role in our environment.

Especially in cities where rapid development is inseparable; together with air pollution problems, increased ambient temperature, shrinking green areas and increasing energy consumption (although let’s be honest, pollution or shrinking green areas is not quite an issue in our green Benahavís).

The use of green wall systems in buildings is becoming more and more popular all over Europe. Above all, because of the many benefits that this solution brings.


Researchers in the world have been studying the impact of greenery on human surroundings for many years. The results of these studies confirm, above all, the beneficial effect of green wall systems on: improving air humidity, improvement of the microclimate, for example, by lowering the temperature inside the room by an average of 4-6 degrees Celsius (study conducted in 2008, carried out by the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Sevilla), saving energy in, for example, air conditioning, because for their growth and biological functions, plants absorb, among others, solar radiation, producing heat, silencing the rooms.


Vertical garden marbella club hills

Vertical gardens outside – advantages and benefits.

In cities that are still expanding, there is little room for greenery. Fortunately, awareness of how important greenness is to people is growing.

The presence of greenery can be increased by creating green external walls. What are its benefits?

– They are a natural acoustic isolator, which reduces the noise level reaching the interior of buildings.

– Through the presence of plants, they improve air quality. They filter it and pick up impurities, which then settle on the leaves.

– They form a peculiar ecosphere, by creating, among others, nesting places for birds and sources of obtaining pollen for bees.

– They can be used freely in narrow streets and passages, where there is no space for vegetation standing on the ground. Such solutions are often practised, among others in the Old Town, where they are a kind of tree replacement.

– Green walls also improve energy efficiency, being a natural barrier to the wind and retaining heat. In winter, this is excellent additional insulation, while in the summer – it naturally cools not only the building but also the surroundings. 

– They protect the structure of the building from ultraviolet radiation. 

– They reduce the noise level by reflecting sound waves.

Vertical garden with views on the sea

Our construction is aimed at minimising the adverse impact of the urban environment on people’s lives, thus raising the social and economic value of buildings.

In this way, our system of green walls is an ideal solution that combines three needs: saving space, caring for the environment and creating a friendly environment for people.



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