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If you are into old vehicles, we have something for you –  the Automobile Museum of Málaga. Located in Tabacalera, the Automobile Museum of Málaga hosts a unique collection in the world that combines high standing vehicles and haute couture, where art, fashion and design meet in the same space.

It’s where you can enjoy the beauty of contemporary works of art, designed from parts of the motor world and visit the unpublished exhibition called ” Motor Gallery “, formed by a set of exclusive exemplary engines.


Car museum malaga


The Museum has a collection that exhibits 100 restored at the highest level vehicles. Some jewels that you will find date back to 1898. 

All vehicles that the Museum houses belong to the Portuguese collector João Manuel Magalhaes. Many of the supercars you will have probably heard of. 

The exhibition illustrates the aesthetic and locomotive evolution over three centuries and organised into thirteen themed rooms: Belle Époque, The 20s, Popular Cars, The 30s, The Fashion Corner, Design Cars, Dream Cars, English Tradition, Alternative Energies, Motors Room, 50s, Tuning and The Sublime Collection.



Aside from heady displays of fast cars and sharp motors, they explain the history behind these vehicles and some will be unexpectedly close to your everyday life. You might just leave with a whole new appreciation for cars.

The museum exhibits a variety of models of the major brands: Hispano Suiza, Bugatti, Delage, Packard, Auburn, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lancia, or Mercedes with the 540K models of 1937 and Alas de Gaviota of 1956. 



Among its models and brands are the Winner of 1898, 1910 steam cars, the incredible 1932 Airplane Car or the compressed air prototype of 2011.

But what makes the museum unique is the fact that the entire collection of cars has been connected with the fashion style that existed in corresponding times. 



In this way, you can also learn about old-fashioned cars but also vintage women wear like hats, suitcases and dresses.

The Automobile and Fashion Museum in Málaga is located in the building of the old tobacco factory.

This year it celebrates its 9th year since the opening in 2009.  It’s a unique project that brings together the high profile vehicles and haute couture collection. 

The Fashion Corner offers a select sample of more than 300 copies accompanied by vintage hat boxes and suitcases. The collection of hats “From Balenciaga to Schiaparelli” covers a period that goes from the 20s to 50s with brands such as Chanel, Dior or Balmain among others. On the other hand, the collection The Sublime Collection, which represents a journey through haute couture in the 20th century. Vintage dresses that show the development of trends in an atmosphere of glamour related to the great divas of cinema. A show that elevates fashion to the category of art in a theatre environment with sofas, furniture, images and accessories that create a unique and exotic exhibition that should not be missed.



And if you were sitting in the driver’s seat of Alas de Gaviota of 1956, in a satin blue summer outfit, wouldn’t it give you a rush of emotions to glide through the coast of Marbella with a soft wind on your face?

Avda. Sor Teresa Prat,15, CP 29003

Museo Automovil Málaga

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