High ceilings – 6 ideas to get the wow effect

An apartment with high ceilings is a real treasure. Space begins to breathe, more natural light comes in. The positives can be multiplied indefinitely. Modern architecture perfectly knows the advantages of high ceilings. In the past, the rich decoration was obligatory, coffers, stuccoes or even frescoes covered the ceilings. Today we have full freedom! Especially if we have 3-metre high ceiling at our disposition at Marbella Club Hills.


The high ceiling gives many possibilities in solutions in the sphere of construction, lighting and furniture. Therefore, in such an apartment, you must have an idea – lack of a deliberate arrangement can cause that the proportions of the apartment will be disturbed or there will be a problem with the acoustics. It is therefore worth using interiors who will use all possible tricks that will give the interior a character.

We prepared 6 ideas on how to go the wow effect with your high ceilings


High ceilings and hanging lamps

The most spectacular of the opportunities that open up in front of us in a room with a high ceiling is the choice of a non-obvious lamp. 

High ceilings at Marbella Club Hills

A hanging lamp can give amazing results. The lamp looks here like drops of light falling from the ceiling! Of course, not every lamp will work in a room with a high ceiling. You need to choose one that will not fit in well with your decor. 

Its beauty will fully (and literally) brighten up our room.


High ceilings and bookshelf on the entire wall

The high ceiling is high walls, which means additional space for use. An interesting idea is a bookcase for the entire height of the wall. In the colour of the wall or even as its integral part.

High ceilings interior design


It will then become light and almost invisible, and the objects arranged on it will add variety to space. You can also go for colourful and illuminated shelves that do not allow boredom to enter the wall!


High ceilings and glass wall

Of course, we do not have to decide on a wall in the traditional sense of the word. With a high ceiling, the glass wall is particularly impressive. The design presented in our show flat displays a living room with an amazing view of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea.

Of course, everything bathed in natural light. When the sun goes down … imagine lighting a chandelier that impresses! This could not be hanged in a room with a lower ceiling.


High ceiling and space that breathes

The presence of high ceilings allows the space to breathe. 

The high ceiling allows for the accumulation of elements of the interior design, which in another room would cause an overload effect.

In our apartments, this arrangement introduces a cosy atmosphere, which means that despite the height of the walls there is no question of emptiness.


High wooden ceiling

All the ceilings in our ground and first-floor apartments are white, but it’s time for something else. A beautiful, high ceiling of light wood can be found in our penthouses.

It gives the room an idyllic, cosy atmosphere and it perfectly harmonises with the rest of the interior. Impressions are complemented by hanging folk sculptures hanging from it.


High ceilings and art 

Large-sized graphics and paintings are ideally suited for arranging walls – hung in high rooms they are more exposed. An interesting proposal for the development of walls is also the use of original decorative materials, such as bricks or concrete, which could be a little overwhelming in smaller rooms.

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