6 reasons for visiting Frigiliana during the Festival of 3 Cultures

Frigiliana festival 3 cultures in Málaga

Frigiliana is located in the eastmost part of the Axarquía region, overlooking the Mediterranean from the Natural Park of Sierras de Almijara. 

This charming white village offers one of the prettiest and most spectacular views of the Costa del Sol. 


Frigiliana festival 3 cultures in Málaga


It is one of the most historic villages in the province of Málaga. Its history dates back to the prehistoric Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Arab and repopulation times of old Castilian Christians. 

Frigiliana brings together three cultures: Christian, Arab and Jewish. 


Frigiliana Festival 3 cultures


In 1982 it was awarded the 1st National Embellishment Award. 

Its Mudejar and Moorish neighbourhood is a jewel of urban architecture that has been preserved for 500 years. 

Every year, Frigiliana relives its past through the Festival of 3 Cultures, ¨Frigiliana 3 Culturas¨.

During the festival, the three main civilisations that have coexisted in Frigiliana for centuries, are celebrated in the alleys of the town and in its wonderful central square. Every year since 2006 visitors have the opportunity to discover both the food, music, art and traditions of these three great cultures.

Below are 6 reasons why you should see the Festival of Three Cultures in Frigiliana: 


Craft stalls 

All stalls fit between the amalgam of colours, smells, sounds and flavours. The craft stalls that make up the medieval market are one of the greatest attractions because of their individual originality. No craft is the same and often you will find artworks that you may have never seen before. You can also buy homemade food such as bread, cheese or chocolate. There are more than a hundred stalls.


Frigiliana festival 3 cultures


Ruta de la Tapa

During the festival, you will have a chance to experience the Tapa Route and choose between the Mudejar and the Morisca food. Both are made up of 18 catering establishments. You can taste from traditional Axárquica cuisine to dishes of Arab cuisine through other international delicacies.

Street performers 

You will be surprised by live theatrical performances, puppeteers, belly dance performances or shows with fire and pyrotechnics that will make the nights a magical space. All shows you can find both in the streets of the market itself and in any corner of the streets of the old town of Frigiliana. 


Frigiliana festival 3 cultures


Music performances 

During these 4 days, several musical performances are held in different areas of the village. The music is performed at a high artistic level in a relaxed and familiar environment. All concerts are free of charge.


Frigiliana festival 3 cultures 

Food stalls 

Majority of the festival revolves around the centre of the village where the street market is located. A wealth of food stalls offer all manner of nibbles and dishes to try, some of which you might have never seen. 


Frigiliana festival 3 cultures

Iglesia de San Antonio

The square of the San Antonio de Padua Church is one of the attractions of the festival. The facade of the church is transformed with projections of images and symbols that represent the 3 Cultures.


All this in the beautiful town of Frigiliana that is decorated for the occasion. The streets of the town are dressed in handmade decoration by local women’s associations and the Inquisidor alley and the Weaver alley are lit with candles. All this makes the walk through Frigiliana, if possible, even more special.

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