Construction progress – October

Construction Progress – October

* BLOCK 1: Final cleaning and finishing works


* BLOCK 2: Assembly of entrance pergola and waterproofing of access area.


* BLOCK 4: Finished, end of work. Executing the pavements between the block and the urbanization.


* BLOCK 5: Finished, end of work activities.


* BLOCK 6: Assembly of glass, plaster in common area, waterproofing of bathrooms and terrace flooring.


* BLOCK 7: Plasters in common area, executing the screed to receive the flooring in homes.

* BLOCK 8: Installations, finishing masonry to start plaster.


* BLOCK 9: Attic floor formwork and wall waterproofing.
* BLOCK 10: Assembling a covered plant to concrete this week
* BLOCK 11: Concreting of ground floor and waterproofing of walls for fillings.


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