Costa del Sol in the 70s

Costa del sol in 1970

Were you on the Costa del Sol in the 70s? Have you ever wondered how it has changed over the years? What was it like four or five decades ago?

While we were researching the area in more depth, we stumbled across this video from 1976.

It’s quite surprising to see how so much and so little has changed since then.

The sun still shines the way it used to and it still goes down exactly where it did back in the days.

Social values, morals and lifestyles from the past very much remain the same. Four decades ago or today, the society was and is relatively relaxed and open.

Tourism has indeed brought heavy influence from visitors around the world, but the coast has very much remained laid-back with probably one of the most unusual and exceptional societies that ¨lives and lets live¨.

The 70s were called the golden years and the period made the Costa del Sol the best tourist area in Spain. Residential tourism, hotels and golf courses have become the hallmark of the place. The weather and the beach were the main attractions of the day. The night gradually gained prominence and drew interest from the world of international entertainment.

In 1975, 2.6 mln passengers flew to Málaga. 43 years later and the airport registers 19mln passengers travelling both nationally and internationally.

The number of holidaymakers has been growing consecutively since 2013. You can read more about tourism and statistics here.


If you are curious to see what the Costa del Sol looked like before it became what it is today, this video is a good start.

It’s such a different world here, quaint and refined, and we can’t wait to show it to you again soon.

Enjoy the watch!*

*you can switch on subtitles if needed.





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