The First Occupancy Licence Granted

First occupancy licence granted

The First Occupancy Licence for blocks 1 to 6 ready!

Time for us to hand over the home keys and for you to get to know your neighbours and start building your community.

If you wondered what the first occupancy licence was and what needeed to be done to obtain it, we’ve prepared a short explanation for you.

What the first occupancy licence is, how to apply for it and can it be denied?


What is the first occupancy licence?

The First Occupancy Licence  (also called LPO and Licencia de Primera Ocupación in Spanish) is a local licence in Spain which aims to control the compliance of a previously-granted construction licence. It is an urban document that certifies that the building has been built according to its execution project. In this way, it proves that your house is fit for residential use and meets all the minimum safety requirements. The first occupancy licence is issued by the local town hall, the same institution that previously gave you the construction permit.


What does the First Occupancy Licence affect? 

The First Occupancy Licence affects the first use or occupation of a building, house or facilities in general. In Andalusia, a First Occupancy Licence must be provided to legally hire services such as water, gas, electricity or other utilities for the first time. Therefore, the LPO is an essential document that must be provided at the notary at the moment of the purchase deed because it will be necessary for later procedures. In the case of purchasing the house with a mortgage loan, the bank will ask for this document to study the concession of the mortgage.


Who requests the LPO? 

The First Occupancy Licence is always the responsibility of the promoter of the residential property. The building permit owner must be the one who requests the LPO.


What is needed to request the LPO? 

To request the LPO, the promoter must present the construction completion certificate signed by the corresponding architect and building engineer, approved by their respective professional bodies. 


Can the First Occupancy Licence be denied?


The LPO is a regulated non-discretionary matter and can only be denied if:

– The construction work does not correspond with the technical project which was presented and under which the first building permit was granted. 

–  The construction work does not contain the necessary conditions required from a general interest point of view. However, the negotiation of the LPO cannot be based on the building permit not being adjusted to the rules. 

– The construction work has not been properly completed yet.


From this moment on, we need between 4 to 6 weeks to complete all the registration proceedings and after that, well, our home is your home. Happy living!

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