Spain Culture: Andalusian Crush: A visit that has consequences

Careful of the Andalusian Crush”. 

Andalucía, the land of culture, heritage, and unforgettable experiences, now comes with a warning: “Careful of the Andalusian Crush.” This cautionary note is delivered by none other than Peter Dinklage, the actor renowned for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones.” He cautions us about the captivating impact that a visit to Andalucía can have on you, urging you to explore the region’s rich culture, heritage, and historical legacy.

“Andalucía te rompe”

A promotional campaign, conceived by Ogilvy Madrid for Tourism and Sport in Andalucía operates under the slogan “Andalucía te rompe,” intending to evoke the emotions stirred by visiting and experiencing the region fully. “Andalusian Crush” emphasizes culture as a pivotal element to highlight Andalucía’s offerings, with a focus on aspects such as music, poetry, art, and architectural heritage. The campaign aims to convey the idea that once you’ve encountered Andalucía, it leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Ogilvy states that the campaign reflects the inner journey experienced by visitors to this land, where Andalucía is “a place capable of breaking your preconceptions,” and a visit here “has consequences.” “Our duty was to warn you,” they explain.


A cultural paradigm shift

Arturo Bernal, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sports, remarked during the campaign’s presentation at the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville that it was essential to rethink Andalucía’s identity and shift away from the traditional concepts that have been marketed abroad. He emphasised that culture is an added bonus of Andalucía, a legacy created by “the vast array of artists we have contributed to the world, the extensive heritage left by the diverse civilizations that have shaped this land,” and that this makes them a unique destination that is hard to compete with.


Aesthetics meeting innovation

The campaign creatively blends legacy, tradition, and culture with a revolutionary and avant-garde aesthetic, incorporating visual elements not explored in previous regional communication strategies. You’ll see the campaign’s style as poetic, employing brutalist shots and drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking techniques of Granada filmmaker José Val del Omar from almost a century ago. It pays homage to distinguished figures such as Leonard Cohen, director Win Wenders, and the rock band Triana.

Lola Flores

The musical soul of “Andalusian Crush”

The campaign’s soundtrack features the song “Eternidad,” performed by the Cornets and Drums Band of Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Cádiz, which adds an emotional depth to the visuals and connects with viewers on a profound level.


Celebrating Iconic figures

Andalucían Crush references luminaries such as poet Federico García Lorca, musician Paco de Lucía, painter Pablo Picasso, and singer Lola Flores, enlisting them as ambassadors to introduce the Autonomous Community to a global audience. The campaign meticulously explores all aspects of Andalucian culture, even down to typography. This font is the result of extensive research, analyzing manuscripts from various peoples who have inhabited Andalucía, with the goal of creating a unique font comprised of different letterforms to reflect the influence of countless cultures and civilizations.


Expanding horizons

As Lisardo Morán, Managing Director of the Public Company for Tourism and Sport in Andalucía, noted, “There are new tourist destinations that can compete with us in terms of climate or services, but there is something that cannot be compared or bought, and that is the cultural heritage that Andalucía possesses. Architecturally, in the personalities who were born and lived in this land, and more. It makes us a unique destination that is challenging to rival.”

The campaign, which will cost Junta de Andalucia €38mln, consists of over 800 communication actions and will be featured on outdoor platforms in London, New York, Miami, and iconic locations in Mexico, Canada, Japan, and China

“Andalusian Crush” will be showcased through television, radio, print, digital, social media, and outdoor advertising. In these channels, the agency has developed a series of graphics that maintain the visual power of the campaign’s video, focusing on the traveller’s experience and emotions when visiting some of Andalucía’s most iconic location.

Watch the video:

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