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Wabi-sabi – imperfect interior design

Wabi-sabi in the interiors – the beauty of imperfections and the charm of the time that is passing by  Interior design and decoration of space has been in the recent years concentrating on perfection and symmetry. This has also been seen in the architectural style of Marbella – white cubic homes looking a little too … Continue reading Wabi-sabi – imperfect interior design

High ceilings – 6 ideas to get the wow effect

An apartment with high ceilings is a real treasure. Space begins to breathe, more natural light comes in. The positives can be multiplied indefinitely. Modern architecture perfectly knows the advantages of high ceilings. In the past, the rich decoration was obligatory, coffers, stuccoes or even frescoes covered the ceilings. Today we have full freedom! Especially if we … Continue reading High ceilings – 6 ideas to get the wow effect

Gunni & Trentino – kitchen design for Marbella Club Hills

What connects the best designers? We are told – creativity and the desire to create a well-thought-out product that will improve the comfort of life.  Their priority before designing is to know the needs, visions, dreams and nature of the recipients.  Our main objective in the design of our kitchen was to achieve a space … Continue reading Gunni & Trentino – kitchen design for Marbella Club Hills

Hygge – we discover the Danish key to happiness

Although the idea was born in Denmark 200 years ago, ¨hygge¨ is experiencing its boom in popularity right now. Several guides have been published in recent months on this subject. What is hygge? And is hygge the answer to the ageless question of “how to live?”And more importantly, ¨how to live happy?¨ The Danes apparently … Continue reading Hygge – we discover the Danish key to happiness

Andalusian style interior design

Andalusian style interior design – how to feel on holidays every day? They say that anyone who has visited Spain once will surely return here. And not once. Castanets, flamenco, sangria, corrida de toros, siesta – examples of the distinguishing features of this wonderful country can be multiplied indefinitely, but indispensable elements of this counting are … Continue reading Andalusian style interior design

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